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How to Cook Fish in the Proper Manner

Fish is probably one of the healthiest “meats” that a person can eat because it is both high in protein as well as very low in saturated fats. It also is jam packed with omega-3 fatty acids that help promote the health of the heart, eyes and brain. It's important that you know how to cook fish in order to get all it's benefits.

It's important that when you buy fish, it's probably best if you buy it as fresh as possible because fish is one of the most perishable “meats” that you can buy. When you go to shop for fish the first thing you should do is smell it. If the fish is fresh then it should have a nice sweet aroma, if the fish has a very strong fishy smell then it's not fresh. Also if you are looking at fillets and steaks they should be firm and bright without any kind of discoloration.

Never refrigerate your fresh fish longer than two days and if you must store it longer then make sure you freeze it and once it's been thawed you must cook and eat it right away.

If you are not sure how to cook fish properly, remember that fish cooks really fast and it is very easy to over cook it. It has very little fat or connective tissue like other animals, so when it's cooked it becomes very delicate. The fish when it starts cooking begins to turn opaque. Knowing how to cook fish is going to save you money as well, so if you want to check the fish for doneness, the easiest way is to perform what's called the flake test. Take a fork and insert it into the thickest section of the fish and then twist. If it flakes away from the natural lines of the fish, then your fish is done.

If you want to avoid over cooking the fish then try cooking it until it's almost done, then take the pan away from the heat source if you are cooking it on the stove top. Then let the fish stand for a few minutes. The pan will remain hot and it actually continues to cook the fish for a couple of minutes after removed from the stove.

How to cook fish by popular methods and times for each are listed below:

  • Grilling – place on grill and let it cook for 2 to 4 minutes then flip over and cook for another 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Steaming – When you steam fish, add seasoning to the water, do not boil the water just simmer it and remove the fish just prior to boiling.
  • Fried – The fish is usually battered and then put in hot oil for 4 minutes per side turning the fish just once.

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