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How to Setup a Fundraising Chinese Auction and Make Your Own Tickets

First off, if you don't know what a Chinese Auction is - it's an auction with kind of a fun twist to the typical fund raising event. Where a standard raffle has a range of prizes that people buying tickets can win, a Chinese auction allows buyers to choose what prize they want to compete for. This means that people aren’t hoping to win a random prized amongst a suite of prizes but instead can chase the exact item they most want. This adds a new level of excitement to your standard fundraising auction.

If you want to be creative and not want to buy the standard raffle tickets and you have Microsoft Office programs then you can make your own with Microsoft Word. First click on “File” then in the drop down menu click on “New” then choose “Templates” and then click on “Templates on the Computer”.

Go ahead and start browsing for any ticket templates there might be. If you don't see any then you can click on “Templates Online.” This way you can choose a template you like online and download it to your computer. Once you have the ticket you like it should automatically open up in Word.

You can now take the template and edit it and customize it by using the different fields that are available in the template to make it personal for your event. You just click on the different text boxes and simply start typing in what you want to type. You should also include some specific information about the event itself and this will cut down on the chance someone might try to cheat and bring in some other sort of ticket to try and win something for free. And it does happen.

Here are some specific notes on how to use the online ticket template and design it how you want. You will need to click on “Cover” and this is the area where you can design the front of your ticket. You can even add an image you want by right clicking on the ticket where you want to put the image and then click on “Add Image.” Pick the image you want from your computer and just drag it into position.

Next you are going to want to click on the “From Number” menu, and this is found at the bottom of your screen and then pick a number you want the tickets to start with. Pick “1” for the first book of tickets and then click on “Books” and then another drop down menu will show up. Pick the number of books you are going to want to print and the number of tickets that you want in your books.

When you have finished doing that click on the “Printing” button to send them to the printer. Make sure to check the box that is next to “Print to File,” then click “OK”. This is going to make you a print file. After this click on “Open Print File,” then go ahead and right click on the new window and simply click on “Print” and your tickets will print.

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