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Our Top Recommendation
Cooking Sets for the Serious Chef!

All the Cooking Equipment and resources you will ever need in the one place. Whether you are looking to conquer asian cooking, italian cooking or french cuisine then look no further then these popular and well respected cooking set brands. From the amateur to the professional you will find what you need. Trust us - you need look no further!

Also Recommended
Cooking by James Peterson

This book on cooking is one written by one of the country's top cooking teachers. His book provides confidence building instructions for home cooks who have not cooked consistently in their lives and need or want to learn how to cook with confidence. This book is a nicely illustrated all in one instruction book that gives detailed instructions on techniques that a good cook needs to master. It also teaches cooks all the basic recipes they will need. It has 600 recipes that all cooks should know how to cook from roasted chicken to apple pie. The ideal cookbook for the novice cook.

Also Recommended
Joy of Cooking

This book has been around for 75 years and this edition is based on the 1975 edition focusing on American home cooking and not chef cuisine and even brings back some of the most loved recipes that have been lost in some of the more recent editions. After nine different editions of this book, the New York Public Library named the Joy of Cooking one of the 150 most influential books ever written in the 20th century. To this very day, the cookbook remains one of the best teaching cookbooks available.

Also Recommended
The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen

This book actually brings the science of cooking into the kitchen. Everyone wonders what makes a great cook, it's not being a psychic nor is it magic but their understanding of the principles of cooking which basically is science. The book explains all the science behind cooking and the ingredients that go into a recipe and why they work in certain combinations. Good book for any reader interested in learning a lot about cooking through the science of it.

Also Recommended
The America's Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Great Cook

This book has been put together by foremost educators of cooking. Each recipe has been developed over a 20 year period and all the cooking in the book is based on the solid foundation of objective techniques. It includes how to beat egg whites properly to a pan seared steak and much more. This is a great book for all who want to significantly improve their cooking skills.

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